Additional Faculty Resources

This collection of resources can be explored at your own pace as you seek to integrate and support student writing in your discipline. 

Assignment Design 

Developing and Formatting a Writing Assignment (Terry Zawacki) 

Questions to Ask about the Assignments You Give (Terry Zawacki) 

Making Writing Assignments Work For You (Erin Branch) 

Writing Assignment Design Tips (Laura Aull) 

Designing Writing Assignments (WAC Clearinghouse) 

Writing to Learn (Low-Stakes Writing) 

Using Writing to Learn in Your Classes (Terry Zawacki)

Questions to Guide Students in Reflecting on Their Own Writing (Terry Zawacki) 

Writing to Learn, Think, or Reflect (Grace Wetzel) 

Integrating Writing into Any Course (WAC Clearinghouse) 

Assessing & Responding to Student Writing 

How To Help Students Give Effective Peer Response (Terry Zawacki) 

Creating Effective Peer Review Groups (WAC Clearinghouse)

Things to Remember When You Respond to Student Writing & Prioritize Your Comments (Terry Zawacki)

How to Respond as Readers (Zak Lancaster)

Feedback & Responding to Student Writing Tips, Aull (Laura Aull) 

Commenting on & Grading Student Writing (WAC Clearinghouse) 

Managing the Paper Load and Responding Effectively to Student Writing (Terry Zawacki) 

Managing the Grading Burden (Grace Wetzel) 

Working with Multilingual Writers 

Advice and Strategies for Working with ESL Writers (Terry Zawacki) 

ESL Volunteer Guide (WAC Clearinghouse)