Danielle Koupf

Dr. Danielle Koupf
Associate Teaching Professor

My interest in writing studies began at Lafayette College, where I took courses as an English major in rhetoric and writing, worked as a Writing Associate to help fellow students with their writing, and wrote an honors thesis on popular perceptions of English grammar. Upon beginning my PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, I became fascinated by the inventive ways that texts get reused across genres and contexts. My dissertation introduced a pedagogy called “critical-creative tinkering,” which teaches writing and reading skills through rewriting existing texts. I continue to research precursors to critical-creative tinkering in nineteenth-century contexts while experimenting with it in my classes. I am also pursuing an ongoing project about the inventive ways that bits and pieces of found texts — what I call “scrap writing” — get recirculated on the Internet. Before coming to Wake in 2017, I taught business and professional writing, composition, and pedagogy at Wichita State University. At Wake Forest, I’ve taught versions of WRI 111 about originality and invention, truth and fiction, and rewriting, in addition to upper-level courses on the essay and handcrafted rhetorics.