Writing Moves 2016-2017

Writing Moves : ’16-’17

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The essays are broken up by genres, with each writer mentioned below. For a biography of each writer, click on their name and for a recorded reading of an excerpt from their essay, click on audio. Additionally included at the bottom are the prompts from the professors, a full directory of the writers and the complete PDF version of the journal. Enjoy!

Hannah Lafferrandre

D.A. Brown Award Winning Essay

Inside the World of Ballet by Nicole Johnsen (audio)


To Save a Life by Noah Dill (audio)

I Am What My Mother Could Not Be by Angelica Garces (audio)

Roots of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement: The Disconnect by Alexander Holt (audio)

Wasting Away by Laura Labate (audio)

Sanctuary Cities: A Close Look at Human Rights and the True Nature of “Bad Hombres” by Brad Spoerri (audio)


Train Trumping Trajectory by Emma Beveridge (audio)

New York, Take It Easy by Caroline Samuelson (audio)

How To Play the Piano by Max Stainton (audio)

A Woman Speaks by Allison Thompson (audio


What Is the Tree Thinking? by Jacob Gerow (audio)


Mr. Jackson by Yuhan He (audio)

Exploring the Art of Ethnography: A Case Study of Anthropologist Dr. Steven Folmar by Maclane Paddock (audio)

Rhetorical Analysis

The Empire State Strikes Back by Alexander Horn (audio)

The Ultimate Understanding by John Pappas (audio)


The Writers

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