Directed Self-Placement (DSP)

The 2019 Wake Forest Directed Self-Placement (DSP) for writing will ask you to respond to reflective questions that will be available through this page on May 27.

Answers to the questions will be due on June 3, 2019, at 11:59pm EST. All incoming first-year students, regardless of AP or IB credit, complete the DSP.

For questions about the DSP process beginning May 27, please call 336-758-6126 or email

WFU DSP in more detail:

At Wake Forest University, you have the opportunity to decide which first writing course is most appropriate for you, and the DSP process is designed to help you reflect on that decision. The answers you provide to the reflective questions are not used to evaluate you or place you in a course. Rather, the DSP process invites you to self-reflect on your preparedness for college-level writing. You will receive a course recommendation based on your answers to the reflective questions before the first round of course registration in July. You are invited to consider this recommendation alongside your other writing and reading experiences as you make the important choice about your first writing course.